Course Aims:

  • Explain the concept of entrepreneurship
  • Demystify the process of running your startup
  • Discuss methods of achieving entrepreneurial success
  • Understand the dynamics of running a small business
  • How to bring an innovative product to market

Specific Skills:

  • Identify market needs and business opportunities
  • Understand the process of raising capital
  • Key strategic and tactical decisions facing entrepreneurs
  • Product launch and management of fast-growth enterprises
  • Monetizing your business success


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Secrets of Entrepreneurship: From Soup to Nuts

This intensive course will increase your business knowledge, enhance your confidence and strengthen your persuasion powers.

“Secrets of Entrepreneurship: From Soup to Nuts” is a non-accredited, intensive online course taught by a serial entrepreneur. Composed of ten lectures, the course will help you turn your vision into a profitable enterprise.

It provides aspiring entrepreneurs with an in-depth and concise track to start, finance and operate a startup in the knowledge-intensive industries such as telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, high-tech, etc.

  • Lecture 1: Congratulations! You have Decided to Become an EntrepreneurLecture Length: 31:25
  • Lecture 2: Entrepreneurial AlchemyLecture Length: 37:49
  • Lecture 3: You Are a Leader, Not a ManagerLecture Length: 54:19
  • Lecture 4: Business Law for EntrepreneursLecture Length: 1:12:49
  • Lecture 5: Financing your StartupLecture Length: 37:37
  • Lecture 6: Business NegotiationsLecture Length: 52:26
  • Lecture 7: Strategic ManagementLecture Length: 26:09
  • Lecture 8: Marketing and SalesLecture Length: 47:19
  • Lecture 9: Innovation and Product LaunchLecture Length: 26:07
  • Lecture 10: Entrepreneurial ExitsLecture Length: 50:02