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Dr. Szycher

Dr. Michael Szycher, Ph.D., MBA is a serial entrepreneur who took three companies public. He is a widely published author of numerous articles and has published three major business books. He earned his Ph.D. from Boston University, and an MBA from Suffolk University in Boston.

Michel Szycher

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Course Aims:

  • Explain the concept of entrepreneurship
  • Demystify the process of running your startup
  • Discuss methods of achieving entrepreneurial success
  • Understand the dynamics of running a small business
  • How to bring an innovative product to market

Specific Skills:

  • Identify market needs and business opportunities
  • Understand the process of raising capital
  • Key strategic and tactical decisions facing entrepreneurs
  • Product launch and management of fast-growth enterprises
  • Monetizing your business success

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Secrets of Entrepreneurship: From Soup to Nuts

This intensive course will increase your business knowledge, enhance your confidence and strengthen your persuasion powers.

“Secrets of Entrepreneurship: From Soup to Nuts” is a non-accredited, intensive online course taught by a serial entrepreneur. Composed of ten lectures, the course will help you turn your vision into a profitable enterprise.

It provides aspiring entrepreneurs with an in-depth and concise track to start, finance and operate a startup in the knowledge-intensive industries such as telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, high-tech, etc.

  • Lecture 1: Congratulations! You have Decided to Become an EntrepreneurLecture Length: 31:25
  • Lecture 2: Entrepreneurial AlchemyLecture Length: 37:49
  • Lecture 3: You Are a Leader, Not a ManagerLecture Length: 54:19
  • Lecture 4: Business Law for EntrepreneursLecture Length: 1:12:49
  • Lecture 5: Financing your StartupLecture Length: 37:37
  • Lecture 6: Business NegotiationsLecture Length: 52:26
  • Lecture 7: Strategic ManagementLecture Length: 26:09
  • Lecture 8: Marketing and SalesLecture Length: 47:19
  • Lecture 9: Innovation and Product LaunchLecture Length: 26:07
  • Lecture 10: Entrepreneurial ExitsLecture Length: 50:02


Amazing! An entire University-level semester condensed in just ten lectures. Lectures are made easier with the complete transcript which is part of the course. A serial entrepreneur demystifies entrepreneurship. The lectures are arranged in a rational sequence, starting with basic concepts and then progressing to more complex subjects.

With video streaming, you don’t go to the University, the University comes to you.

Marissa Gross

MBA Candidate
MIT Sloan School of Management

Although Dr. Michael Szycher for decades has been recognized as a scientist, lawyer, businessman and innovator, his success as an entrepreneur has brought him world-wide acclaim.

I have read and reviewed his outstanding books, heard him lecture and have learned so much about taking an idea from concept to success. Dr. Szycher has now decided to share his expertise, experience and talents, putting it all together in one unique affordable program the “Secrets of Entrepreneurship.”

This unique program, takes you through his simple steps of business success, providing examples, through stories and anecdotes. You will surely enjoy each thought-provoking session, while learning what you need to know and putting you on the road to success as an entrepreneur.

Edward Weiner, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Industry Executive
Consultant Medical Affairs

Dr. Szycher uncovers how to avoid the most common legal landmines experienced by entrepreneurs in a simple, logical and scholarly fashion. He demystifies the legal landmines faced by all startups in a surprisingly practical and comprehensive fashion.

If you want to stay out of legal business trouble, this course is for you!

Cyrus Mager, J.D.

Attorney, Realty Contractor, Hotel Developer and Executive Officer.